Advantages of DSLR In Video Recording Compared with Video Camera

More and more and normal users, video studios, or even pro video producer turn to record the video with the DSLR. There is because the outstanding advantages of the camera.

Compared with the camcorder, the biggest advantage of DSLR is the large size censor. The current main stream broadcast camcorder Sony DPW-700, HDW-800P, and Panasonic AJ-HPX2700MC are using three 2/3 inch CCDs. Meanwhile, the smallest DSLR CMOS size is Canon’s 22.2mm*14.9mm. The most used video DSLR – 5D Mark 2 has the size of 36mm*24mm, which is six times of the camcorder. Even the APS-C is twice times in size. The most obvious difference is the shallow depth of field.


The standard lens of a podcast camcorder is the ultra zoom lens while the choice of lens for DSLR is dozens or hundreds. Both Nikon and Canon have an abundant lens group (Nikkor and Canon EF) that conclude the range of wide angle, super wide angle, long zoom, ultra zoom, prime, etc. Rather say the special lens like fish eyes, macro, and Tilt shirt. Compared with the ultra zoom lens, the prime and normal zoom lens has better performance in imaging. What’s more the imaging quality and color rendition are much better. It can be said that the large number of lenses make the final work more film-like.


Photographers and video producers find numerous problems at the beginning times of DSLR video integration: instability of handheld; not fluent in manual focusing; hard to complete the continuous auto focusing; small screen is hard to focus correctly; the short battery life, etc. Problems are born for consult. A number of DSLR accessories and video makers join the development of DSLR video kit. Koolertron is one of them. For example, this Pro DSLR combination movie kit, every part can consult the problems in shooting: shoulder support is for stability, follow focus for manual focusing, monitor is for better focusing, etc.

pro dslr video kits

Benefit from the big size CMOS, the PPI of DSLR is smaller than the broadcast camcorder. The directly response is the signal-noise ratio can be well consult. The other important aspect is the ISO of digital DSLR is controllable while it is more complicated for camcorders. In dim environment, the high ISO setting of DSLR still can get high effect image quality while it is hard for video cameras.


Small size and related low price are the two important reasons. The previous one can provide a larger shooting angle and smaller spaces. Combined with the underwater housing, even we can make the underwater video recording possible. Though the total cost of a 5D Mark 2 and video kit may cost you thousands of dollars, it is still a budget deal compared with the pro camcorders.

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