All-in-one Car DVD Player Choosing Guide

Car is a necessary mean of transport. This condition also attracts more and more manufactures going into the area of in-car entertainment accessories. As one of the most important members of the in-car entertainment system, all-in-one Car DVD Player has become a good companion to many car owners.


Many people may want to try the gadget. However, the popular of it attracts a large member of manufactures, which also makes the quality of it is hard to define.


The ability of receiving GPS signal is the most important feature of it and it should be the paramount consideration. A good GPS should have strong signal receiving ability. Top products probably have satisfactory hardware performance. If the hardware performance is too weak, the GPS navi may has the problems of slow responding, system halted, unstable, or even can’t find the satellite.


If we define the hardware devices are the body of GPS Navigation, then the built-in software and electronic map is the soul. The good or bad of the map determines the using performance. When you decide to choose a all-in-one DVD Navi Player, the after service should also be a factor that you keep in mind. Perfect after-sales service support can provide great convenience for customers and reliable map upgrade services. Generally, the longest cycle of update should not exceed one year to maintain the accuracy of the map information.


Take this Mazda 6 DVD Player as example, it has dual-core A8 chip (fastest and best car CPU than ever), 4GB hard disc (which means thousands of songs), and 7” 800*480 digital HD TFT LCD touch screen.

mazda 6 dvd player

In the functions part, the built in GPS, 3G/Wifi, DVD recording, radio (AM/FM/RDS), game and auto rear viewing function are very helpful. For better user experience and convenient operation, Koolertron brings the function of POP into it, which allows the users run two or three functions at the same time. Meanwhile the 1080P HD video is also supported. With the built-in 20 Disk Virtual CD changer, you can download from DVD/CD to the head device. By doing this, the passengers sit at back seat can share the same DVD as you do. Afraid of the driving safety, the steering wheel control can make your hands free, which improve the safety and entertainment on the road.


While purchase DVD player online, that may be not very enough time or details to judge. Under this condition, choose a reliable retailer like becomes an ideal job.

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