Basic Features and Information of Portable Voice Amplifiers

Portable voice amplifier is a kind of mini size and easy to operate device that can amplify the voice. Teacher and tour guide are the main groups that use this gadget. It effectively maintains the quality of teaching and explanation. For the reasons of these functions, very easy to operate, convenient battery replacement, it is widely accepted by the two groups of people.


As the universal of educations and tourism, teachers and tour guides need to speak as normal but also need to make the students and travelers be clear about the content. This is the reason of emerging and popularize of the portable voice amplifier. This size of is very small and the capacity is from 3W-15W, voice transmitting frequency range is during the range of 100 meters. The main stream of battery is the Li-ion, but there are also Ni-MH and dry ones.


The known and high rating brands on the markets include: Takstar, Aker, Koolertron, ANC, TAK, ENP, Edifier, etc.


Using guide for users: Avoid the condition of amplifier directly facing horn and adjust volume clearly, by doing these, you can keep away from the occasions of distortion and sound feedback; don’t drag, winch the microphone cord, or the lines may be poor in connection; neither over charging or discharging at anytime, charge when it is battery low and charge monthly when leave unused; handle with car.


Tips for storing: turn off the power when not use; keep away from magnetic field and heat source.
Most popular products:

Takstar DA-200, portable 5W voice amplifier megaphone waistband for salesmen, teachers, coaches, and tour guides. Can also be used as MP3 speaker. The amp has a microphone input and a MP3 input. The amp will accept signals from both input ports and out through the speaker at the same time. Dimensions: 13.8cm x 8.2cm x 4.2cm. Battery Life: 4-6 hours, 6 hour recharge, 2-3 year life (replacements available)

askstar voice amplifier

Koolertron Online N74: Mini Portable Voice Amplifier with Headset Microphone. IC max power output is 20 RMS and speaker is 5 w. Freq resp 100 to 13,000hz. Wall plug charger 90-240v for int’l use.

mini portable voice amplifier

Koolertron wireless mini speaker: metal Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker with HiFi Hands-free Mic. This product uses the Bluetooth V3.0 criterion, and is combined with high-tech. It supports wireless connecting iPhone, iPad, smart phone, laptop, bluetooth mobile phone ECT. It’s a new portable speaker for playing stereo music and games. 3D Dynamic Bass Engine Technology makes for superior high-quality bass

mini wireless speaker

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