Bicycle Accessories Recommendations for Cycling Lovers

For many cycling enthusiasts, the mountain biking is not for a good rating in a competition, but daily leisure or physical training. However, no matter what kind of aim do you hold, you need various cycling gear to support or rich your tour. Some of them are necessary while others are optional. The choices could be different depend on your purpose.


Whatever cycling purpose do you hold, you need a helmet first. Wearing helmet in a right is responsible for your life. A quality qualified helmet only costs dozens dollars, but it can protect your brain from most of hazard. There are numerous choices on the market. Do remember to keep an eye on the size as only suitable one can protect you, so I’d recommend you to purchase at the real shops.

Both in hot summer and cold winter, gloves are the necessary gear. It can effectively keep your hands from seat, slipping, and breaking. Every function of it can be a reason why we need it. For the reason of simple design and manufacturing, the quality of the gloves varies considerably. A good glove has material (maybe GEL or others) as padded in the palm part while the other surface has breathable clothes and anti-slip in the fingers.


Cycling goggle is designed for protecting your eyes from dust, flies, ultraviolent, and wind. It does help to keep you far away from the damaging and disease of eyes. Beside the professional one, you can also use your others (such as this cycling goggle). Even the normal sunglasses can help you a lot.

cycling goggles

Cycling apparel concludes the upper jersey and pants. The important feature of the upper one is perspiration and quick-dry while the pant is more important in protection. It is as important as the helmet, so I also recommend you to purchase in the real shop.

canvas cycling backpack

No matter for long and short distance cycling trip, you need a bag to take carry something like bottles, cell phone, etc. In this part, the cost needn’t to be very much. A sturdy and well designed canvas backpack would meet your needs. Good breathability, suspension system, and appropriate capacity are the key features you need to consider about. Such as this Canvas Travel Backpack, it has good performance in both short and long distance cycling. For other special needs such as night cycling, you may need a light to help you. A Pellor bicycle light would meet your needs.

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