Camera Flashes Help You Do A Better Job in The Work of Photography

For the normal home and travel uses photographers, the accessories of SD card and UV would meet most of the daily needs. However, to the ones who really want to do a better job in photography, these gadgets are far from enough. One of them is the camera flash.


Photography is some like the drawing with lights. However, you can’t always get the perfect lights at the nature environment, so the tools that can create light become necessary. It is the camera flash. It is first used under dim environment. But at current times, there are more occasions that need it. Anyone who wants to take a better photo needs the help of it.


There are several important parameters in camera flashes: GN (guide number, the most important parameter of a camera flash), TTL (through the lens), recycling time, lamp zoom (Nikon SB 900 has the best performance in light zooming), cooling (affect the continuous use), HSS (high speed sync), strobe, and flash format. You can easily find the concept in Wikipedia or Google, so I won’t talk too much about the concepts but the products.


Yet, there are still some misunderstandings. First is the original factory flash is the best. It is no doubt that the compatibility of original factory flash is the best, but the compatibility is far from all of it. It is some like the lens: though most of the time the original ones are better, there are some exceptions, such as the Sigma. The condition is also existed in camera flash third party manufacture: Nissin.


The second misunderstanding is the higher the GN, the better the flash. If only consider about this parameter, the answer is right. However, the price, endurance, battery life, and recycling are affected with this parameters. Some inferior flashes would mess these things up.

yongnuo 560

To the specified recommendations, I have three choices for you: Nikon SB910 EX600, Nissin Di866, and Yongnuo 560 II. The top flash of original factory flash is the Nikon SB 910 and Canon EX600. These two are the top products of its brand, but the price is also not cheap. Nissin is some like the role of Sigma and Tamron in lens. In the product group, Nissin Di866 has the best public praise. To the other flash manufacture YONGNUO, the product 560 is also the only one that can compare with Nissin DI866 both in performance and price. It is also the top choice of many beginners.

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