Choose The Most Suitable Camera Bag For Yourself

The original intention of camera bag is conveniences and protecting camera. In many occasions, it has the function of shockproof and waterproof. However, as more and more people get into this area, the functions and features become diversified. Waist bag, shoulder bag, backpack, or even rolling ones are included. Protection is not the only factor that consumers care about.


Though not the only factor, protective features (shockproof, waterproof, etc.) are still the basic needs. It does not only exist outside, but also inside. Capacity is very important. You won’t be happy if you can’t your second or third lens into it. Great structure design can save a lot of space for you.


What’s kind of bag do you need? The group can be divided into three parts: portable DSLR camera bag, shoulder camera bag, camera backpack, and rolling bag. Portable ones has basic scratch-resistance and other protective features and fit for those entry level photographers who won’t go into the group of advanced area. Theses ones are mostly waist bag and insert padded bag. The previous one is more suitable for the street snap while the later one is awesome to travel.

insert padded camera bag

Meanwhile, the shoulder camera bags have shockproof feature and some of them has the waterproof function. It is designed for the photographers with one camera and two lenses, which is also the standard of most photographers.

Koolertron camera backpack

When it comes to backpack, the design and materials are more professional. Both of them are considering about the shockproof and waterproof functions. It is perfect for advanced photographers and journalists who have various accessories. Outdoor and travel are its advantage area. It has enough space for 2 cameras and 3 or 4 lens, and flashes. Even some of them are available for laptop and tripod. For example, this Koolertron backpack can take along with tripod and 15” laptop at the same time.


To the detail recommendations of camera bag, it is hard to say which brand or product is suitable for you. To the brands, it is not a hard job to speak out 20 ones, Buckingham, Lowepro, Koolertron, etc. First of all, you need to be clear what is basic need (capacity) and what is secondary. Don’t miss in the world of numerous camera bags.


To avoid this kind of situation, Koolertron designs out dozens types of camera bags for different needs and occasions. No matter you are shooting for seashore, hiking, street, or anywhere, there are some types for you.

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