Choosing Gymnastic Rings from KoolerBuy for Fitness and Training

Ring training is a form of bodyweight exercise using gymnastics rings. It’s a highly challenging form of training, but in return – the benefits are far in excess of any other traditional exercise routine.

Today it is a good choice to buy gymnastics rings online. KoolerBuy(, as the online store, is now offering four main kinds of gymnastics rings for customers to choose.

Among those four kinds of gymnastics rings, Pellor CH-EXER23 Gymnastic Ring is the one which should be highly recommended to you.

Why is it so?

Easy to start your workout routine


It comes with high-density nylon straps for easy installation. Just suspend them over garage rafters, overhead beams, ceiling mounts, pull-up bars, power racks or trees, then your workout routine get started.

2.5M long straps for greater flexibility


The Nylon straps are as long as 2.5M, which gives an easy adjustment on the length. You can tie them in a variety of locations. Plus, it is easy to take it anywhere you want because of the light weight.

Enhance workouts and reduce injury risk


Advanced anti-skidding design keeps your hands stable on the rings and protects you from accident injury. The 300KG load capability assures people do strength exercise safely.

Build body in different ways


Adjust the height of the rings to perform more different exercises. You can do push-ups, iron cross, dips, pull-ups, dips, pull-ups etc. Challenge yourself with the muscle-up, a move that works every muscle in your upper body.

Maybe you concern more about its price. I shall tell you now this item is provided with the best price. The original price is US$ 37.99; and its current price is US$ 33.99.