Christmas Gifts for Photographer

The most important and funny festival of one year – Christmas is on the way. Only 9 days left to prepare the day. When we talk about it, the topic of Christmas gift is unavoidable. There are numerous gift advices for children and women. However, to photographers, the suggestion is much less. Now, let’s have a look at what is a good Christmas gift for photographers.

nikon df

A new camera or lens. Camera is the life of a photographer. Every photographer wants more cameras, I’m afraid. There are a number of new devices every year. In the year of 2003, Canon 70D, Nikon 7100, Sony A7/A7R, Nikon DF, and Fuji X100 are no doubt the hottest of them. If you are not lack of money, every one of them will be a good choice especially the Nikon DF and Sony 17. BTW, an eligible lens is also a good choice.


Your photographer friend or yourself mush have owned an original factory DSLR bag or others, however, it may not the one suitable for them. Does he often go for travelling or hiking? What kind of photography is his major? After have known these things, you can make a good choice. For example, if the photographer is an outdoor hiking lover, a canvas camera backpack with rain cover will be suitable for him.

canvas camera backpack

Some people more like a video maker than photographer as they always use their camera for video shooting. At this time, the choice range is much bigger. For example, follow focus, 120 cm DSLR slider, shoulder support, matte box, EVF, professional monitor, or you can combine all of them into a combination kit. Steadicam is no doubt the most famous company in the world. But here I will suggest the Koolertron products, which is more affordable yet also top in quality.

120cm video slider

Every photographer is a photo lover. Browsing photos is one of their daily jobs, so a good tool for watching would be nice. A pro image Eizo monitor is unaffordable for most of us, but a 15 inch digital photo frame is a good replacement. Owners can freely import all the satisfied photos into it and use it as a decoration. In fact, it is not only a good gift for photographers but also every people.

15 digital photo frame

Indeed, the day is also a gift for the photographers from the God as it provides much material of shooting for everyone. No matter what the device the photographers use, the final expectation is a good photo.


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