Concepts You Need To Know If You Want to Shoot Video With Your DSLR

Want to start your tour of video shooting or try the function? You may be confused by the concepts like interlace, progressive scan, 1080P, 720P, etc. Video is a media that can create strong affection to the audiences. Many principles and restrictions will be the block, so it is necessary to handle the basic knowledge.


Resolution. It is similar to the dimension of photo. For example, Canon 7D’s 18MP is 5134×3456 pixel. These data represent the highest resolution of video and biggest dimension of photo. The resolution of video is fixed. There are two main types: 1920×1080 (1080p or all HD), 1280×720 (720p). Of course, you can also shoot normal video, but why do you do that?


Frame rate. Human’s brain can automatically reading the series of static photos into a video. Frame rate represent the speed of single photo. There are various choices for us. You DSLR may support some or the entire of below: 60, 50, 30, and fps. How to choose the right frame rate depends on many factors, such as the effect you want to archive, the mode of television or the need your client, etc. If you want to get the similar effect of movie, choose 24; if you want to play in the NTSC television, choose 30; if it will be played on PAL platform, choose 25 fps.

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Scan mode. We have mentioned that video is actually a series of photos. Scan modes (include interlace and progressive) are the way of displaying these photos. Though most Digital SLR cameras are using progressive, but you need to know that many of them are played in the system of interlace. HD video (1920×1080) has two modes while 1280×720 video has only progressive.


Aspect ratio. Most photos taken by DSLR are 3×2 (1.5:1), which is some like the square. However, the HD video records 16×9 aspect ratio.


Compression. The aim of compressing is only one: decrease data rate and file size. You may have been familiar with it. While storing photos as JPEG, it is a way of lossy compression. There are many kinds of technology in JPEG and decrease the file size as well as image quality. Meanwhile, the RAW photo is a way of lossless compression. Though RAW video has been existed, the huge size keeps it from the area of digital video shooting.

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After knowing these concepts, you need to take it into action with the DSLR movie kits. Hope you can have great enjoyment in it.


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