Daily Maintenance Of Digital SLR

Many DSLR users always ignore the description of “digital camera is a smart and easily damaged optical device” on the instruction. Almost no people will read the using guide that warns not to use the camera under bad weather condition like raining, smoke, and frozen.


Digital camera manufactures want every users can use the camera under ideal condition that neither too hot nor too cold. Of course won’t fall on ground. However, the ideal conditions always not come with great photos. This article is aiming to help you keep the safety of your camera while taking great photos.


First, you need a durable and practical camera bag for storing camera, lens, SD card, and other accessories. The leading camera bags manufactures include Tamrac, Lowepro, and Domke are choosing great material and reasonable design, which makes the bag in top level. However, the famous brand also makes them very expensive. At here, my recommendation is Koolertron Online. It is a new rising brand, so its price is very budget while maintain the performance.

canvas dslr camera shoulder backpack

When your purchase your first one, you’d better find a bag that a little larger than your expectation. You won’t be pleasure if you need to take all them out while need some gadget. It is boring and would let you miss some amazing moments. BTW, it is also important. Adjust the belt and not let the bag too far from your body, or it may be bounce up. Most ideal way is slightly higher so that you can keep it with your arm. BTW, let the lens forward to your body will be better.


Keep your camera clean. The dirty on the lens will decrease the image quality a lot. It is unavoidable that the fingerprint, dust or even sand touches on your lens occasionally. So a in time and right cleaning would help you a lot. Lens paper, pen and brush can easily complete this job. Never use the soft towel or your clothes to clean the lens, or you will be regret when the lens damaged.


Cold and hot weather would also affect the camera. If it is taken from air conditioning room to a hot and moist environment, there would be cloud point. Now you need slim paper or clothe to clean it. For the same reason, if you take it from cold and dry outdoor to indoor. Try to warm up it in the camera bag. Check the lens when you take it out from the camera bag.

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