Daily Maintenance of DSLR for Longer Service Life

Every instruction of DSLR has the part of daily maintenance. However, just like the instruction, it always ignored. I have to say, there are a sum of people who don’t know the advices but still have a good condition camera. But once the accidents happen, it is really a frustrating thing. If you still have you camera instruction, I suggest you going on and read the part as well as the below advices again.


Try your best to keep all items go into the camera inside, such as salt, sand, dust, etc. Decrease the unnecessary chance of changing lens and never change it in windy and dusty weather. Especially pay attention to your camera on beach. Never directly touch the reflector, focusing screen, and CCD/CMOS with your fingers. It is suggested to use the air blower. Though you can upturn the reflector, you should never direct touch the front curtain and CCD/CMOS.


You can use soft cleaning cloths to clean up the eyepiece or filters, don’t use alcohol and lens water. Never use any volatile liquid (such as alcohol) to clean up the camera body. If there is finger prints on the lens, erasing it with the soft and clean lens cloths.


Do take out the battery if you would not use it for long time. The built-in flashes need to cool down after continuous flashing. Over-heating may let it out of work or even damage it. DSLR is more sophisticated than the traditional cameras. Slightly shifting of CCD may influence the clarity of the image, so try to avoid any kind of dropping and knocking. The most common condition of collision is in the backpack. If you don’t have a good camera bag, an insert padded bag is a good choice for you.

shockproof padded insert bag

For long time of outdoor shooting in winter, do keep the warmth of camera body in cold weather. In the daily storing of camera, a clean and dry place is necessary. Be sure there is no chemical like moth ball around. Damp proofing admixture is necessary even you are at dry weather places. If the city you live is always in rainy or wet weather, do check the driers timely. They may be out of work for some times.


While reuse it after a long time, do remember to take it out for shutter releasing and flashing the built-in flashes. Water, especially the salt water is the biggest enemy of camera and lens. Do avoid them. Daily maintenance will save your camera and provide a longer service life.

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