Difference And How to Make the Deal Between iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2

If you have own an iPad mini already, you may have the same problem: whether purchase the new iPad Mini with Retina Display. Or you are planning to find a new tablet PC, but wondering about which one is better. Then this article can help you to make the choice by finding out the differences between them.

ipad mini vs ipad mini 2

The second generation of iPad Mini came out at the date of Oct, 22, which is almost one year after the first gen (Dec, 7). Both of them have the same size7.85 inch screen display, but the 2th gen has a new Retina screen, which is believed as one of the biggest changes. Retina display has the sum of 3.1MP (higher than the HDTV) and 20148*1536 pixel (4 times of iPad Mini 1). If only considering about the screen, it is really a good product.


In the dimension part, the first version is the same height (200mm, 7.87inch) and width (134.7mm, 5.3inch), but slightly thicker (7.5mm vs 7.2mm, 0.29 inch vs 0.28 inch). The difference is due to the change of display. However, it doesn’t affect the use of many accessories. Such as this iPad Mini 2 Wireless Keyboard, it is perfectly working with the both of them. For the same reason, it is 23g heavier. Generally speaking, it can be said as no change in appearance.

ipad mini 2 wireless keyboard

Another widely concerned change is the A7 processor, which is the same processor of the new iPhone 5S. With the new computer level’s 64bit ARM processor, it has 4 times of processing speed and 8 times image processing performance. Added on the new Retina display, if you are using the tablet as a game or video player, the new version is perfectly designed for you. Beside, the Mini 2 also support OpenGL ES 3.0 and realized the exquisite image quality and visual effect which can be only achieved on the PC and Game console before. The same as the iPhone 5S, it is also equipped with the M7 coprocessor. It can collect data from the gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass for evaluating the condition of the tablet. By doing this, it can let the app achieve some adjustment feature to get the aim of releasing the burden of A7 processor.


Network and camera are also two important factors, especially the camera. As one of the most used selfie tool, it has a better video feature but not obvious photo performance. Finally, if you are not short in budget, I’d recommend you to purchase the Mini 2 with Retina.

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