Digital Watches Choosing Guide

Digital watch (or electric watch) is the one that equipped with electronic component. It mostly divided into LED digital watch, analog, auto quartz, and solar-powered watch. Beside the basic functions of displaying time, week, and date, it is also accurate in timing and very convenient for using.


Due to the great performance, cheap price, and various out shape, it is very popular all around the world. However, there are so many gadgets all around the world, which lead the choice become complex. In fact, do remember what you need while choosing, you will get the right one. Below are my experiences in electronic watches. Hope it will be helpful for you.


The most seen materials of digital watches are K-gold, plating gold, tungsten steel, genuine leather, stainless steel, rub, and plastic. Advanced electronic watches mostly choose K-gold, so the price are related expensive; second level watches are choosing tungsten steel, which is very durable in scratching and wearing resistance; rub and plastic ones are mostly used in sports and children area, so the shock-resistance of it is very awesome. In the surface material aspect, advanced watches are mostly choosing the high density and hardness sapphire, which has strong performance in resisting scratching and wearing. Glass coating is the mostly seen material in the market, which has less expectation compared with the sapphire, but it is still great for daily using.
Function is after material. Good quality digital waterproof wrist watches have the functions of waterproof, shockproof, worldwide time, date, belling, and so on. Even in the rainy days or the conditions that may have to contact with water, it can provide reliable service. Meanwhile the shockproof can effectively make your watch having a longer service time. Worldwide time, date, and belling are very useful gadgets in the daily life. In fact, for better experiences, many manufactures have brought the functions of calling. These ones are called sport wrist watch phone. You can find several excellent ones on Koolerbuy Sports & Outdoor.

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Of course, watches are not only for timing, but also great adornments for both men and women in all styles. In fact, choose a watch in the right style is also important. After all, you will not like to carry a dazzling plastic sports watch to formal occasions. In the same principle, it won’t be a good outdoor trip if you take an over formal styles. If you always need to transfer the roles, may be several different styles are more suitable for you.

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