Do You Really Know Your Waterproof Wrist Watch?

There are many customers complaining about the false propaganda of the watch manufactures on the waterproof feature. In fact, according to my experiences, most of them are using in the wrong way.


The performance of waterproof wrist watches are mostly determined by the rubber rings around the looking glass, rear cover, and screw-in crown. Mostly, for the different levels of waterproof performance, they can be divided into: non-waterproof (no mark on the rear cover), sweat-resistance, water-resistant, 30 m (30ATM, 3BAR), 50 m (5ATM, 5BAR), 100m, 200m, etc.


According to the international standard, all the watches that marked with waterproof should at least withstand 2 atmosphere pressures (no water leak in less than 20m). The 30m means that it can stand 3 atmosphere pressures; the rest may be deduced by analogy. Of course, it may different according to the real condition (including temperature, and flow). It can be said as qualified under 20-25° and static flow, which also means that the real depth is less than the marked number.

waterproof wrist watch

Some people think that their watches work well under 100m or even 300m, so it should be OK for bathroom or sauna, which is totally definitely wrong. It is because that watches is not an absolute seal case: it can stand from water but not steam. When the steam is combined with the air, it can get through the rub rings. What’s worse, it will accelerate the aging process of the rings, which will let your watches totally lose the function of waterproofing.


The damages that watering can bring. We all know that quartz and electronic watches are consisted with resistance, capacitance, battery, and other components. The leaked in water is a good conductor, which will make the quartz substrate short circuit and finally out of work. It may be no problem if the leaked in water is very few, but also do harm to the circuit board in the long term. To the mechanical watches, watering will let the hairspring gear and decrease its accuracy or totally broken down. The over high temperature difference in the steam room will let the components out of shape and result into that the poor accuracy of the watches. So, no matter how strong performance of waterproofing, don’t try to take it into the bathroom (no problem for cold shower) or sauna.

waterproof sport watch

30m: suitable for daily use like washing hands and face;

50m: enhanced version of 30m and can be washed with small amount water but can’t be immersed;

100m: standard of snorkeling can be used in pool and seashore;

200m or above: diving watches and be used in the depth with breathing apparatus.


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