Do You Really Need a Waterproof Camera?

Waterproof camera is the minority of the digital camera that has distinctive appearance and function. Someone feel pity that there is no such camera in travelling while others always have one their drawers.


It is the same question that whether you need a DSLR. You should be clear whether you really need one. I list three reasons for you. If you fit one of them, just go for one. First, you love outdoor activity. Hiking, swimming, or any other outdoor activities, there are always chances of waterproof camera. Second, your girlfriend or family love outdoor sports. Third, you love extreme sports. Extreme sports lovers are the majority of the waterproof equipments. None of the above? You’d better choose a waterproof camera case for your DSLR, iPhone or point-and-shoot camera. It can be effectively competent the 1 or 2 chances in one year.

Waterproof DSLR Case

If you have searched the waterproof camera, you must have known the waterproof rating, which divide the level into 0-8. However, the standard can be ignored because it has very few reference value – the current mainstream cameras are made in the highest IPX8. It can meet the basic need of many people yet far from the diving photography.


What should be taken as the reference in the performance of waterproof? We can only get the data like “underwater 20M” and “for xx hours” from official publicity. All of them are marked as “based on the testing of inner testament”. Does these data are reliable? Not 100%, I’m afraid. There are very few organizations or websites to take a good review of it. In fact, it is also impossible as the water condition (temperature, NaCl, etc) of every place is different. In this hard condition, we can only trust the official data. Do purchase the one that claimed to support 10m or higher.


18m is the current deepest standard of waterproof camera, which can meet the need of snorkeling or swimming pool. While you need to use in depth diving, you need a waterproof camera housing to protect it. Equipped with professional housing, the camera can be available under the depth of 30 to 60m. Though it has great performance, it has the restriction of certain cameras or camera groups. Some of them are really expensive, such as Seashell SS-1/SS-2 (universal digital camera housing), MK-600D, Ikelite Nikon D800, etc. Keep in mind that, only purchase the photography equipment you really need, or it would be wasting of money.


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