Does the Headset Harmful for Ears?

The development of headset is accompanied with the consumer electronics. No matter what device is the major role (radio, MP3, PC, tablet, or smart phone), there is one thing that doesn’t change – earphone. However, some wrong habit or inferior products may harm to your ears.


It is public received by the medical that the sound over 85 dB would be harm to the listening. What is the accurate concept of 85 dB? 80 is the noisy factory workshop and 90 is the noise of lawn mower or forklift.


If you want to listen clear in the noisy environment, you need louder playing sound. Especially when you are using the standard equipped headset of the smart phone and MP3 that doesn’t have good sound insulation, the sound is much more than 85 dB. It is no doubt the harm to the ear will be permanent in this condition for a long time. If you don’t believe that, we can try an experiment. Go a crowd place and adjust the sound to the level you can listen clearly, and then go to a quiet place to listen the same music? Can you still stand on it?


There are two factors for harming listening: one is the volume of voice, the other is the continuous time in large volume environments. To the later factor, we can strictly control the listening time, especially the continuous listening time. For the previous one, what we can do is choose a better headset that can decrease the crowd noisy. There are three choices to get that: closed headphone, In-ear headphones, and active noise control headset.

monitor hifi headphone

Closed headphone can effectively keep away from the outside noise with the leather or other materials ear pad. Many monitor hi-fi headphone are designed in this way. In-ear headphone is one of the closed. The difference is the insert the audible unit into the ear canal. Its sound insulation is much better than the traditional closed one. If you look carefully of the vocal concert, you will find out that many singers use this kind of earphone. There is a misunderstanding that the in-ear headphone’s feeling is not well, but the fact is not like that. The active noise control headset is much different: it collects the noise and give out the opposite sound to neutralize the sound.


No matter you are purchasing headsets for computer, smart phone, or any other devices, you need to keep in mind that purchase a better one and don’t continuous listening for a long.

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