Done Your Outdoor Bag Deal After Knowing These Things

No matter for climbing, camping, or just normal travel, you can’t do without a bag. It can provide the space for your gadgets, make your hands free, and help you keep balance. However, it is also not easy job to find a suitable one in the massive bags for outdoor activities.


Find your purpose first. 45-80L huge capacity backpack is most used for camping or long distance travel that needs a large number of items. While for short distance trip or the backup use, you can choose a small backpack. If you want to be convenient or want to take it along all the time, shoulder messenger bag will be your first choice. Under the condition of special purposes like travelling photography or hunting, you may need some bags with professional functions.

outdoor messenger bag

Determine the capacity of your backpack according to the number of equipments. If you a planning a short time trip, won’t stay at night outdoor, and with only too many goods, medium or small capacity backpack will be enough. One thing that needed to remember is keeping some spare space for possible period of want or need. This kind of bags are mostly very simple and with no external items. The divided inner design is also great for split charging.


Choose the bag with right purposes. It can be different in purposes for various bags. Take the cycling one as example, it is more emphasis on the features of cycling, and mostly divided into backpack, frame support bag, etc. The most common outdoor bag is the camping one and has the broadest uses.


Choose the bag with your body size. In fact, you are another factor while choosing the bag. It won’t be a good experience with a over big one for women. Generally speaking, let bottom of the bag at your waist and shoulder support slightly lower than the shoulder will let your feel lighter and comfort. This is very important for long distance hiking but less important for short trips.

women outoodr bag

Mainstream materials can be from canvas, nylon, to aluminum alloy skeleton. The previous two have great performance in waterproof, which is very important for many outdoor activities. The later alloy skeleton is constantly used for stability of big capacity backpacks.


The last one is the brand. Do you really need the famous ones like north face? I’m afraid the answer is no for most of customers. Well, it is really great in performance but the second manufactures like Koolertron is also not bad with a very budget price. It is back to the topic, if you are not very crazy or rich, don’t choose the famous ones.

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