DSLR Is The Best Solution Of Movie Shooting For Common People

Different from 10 years ago, more and more people become the video producer. It is mostly due to the contribution of smartphone, DSLR, and online video sharing sites like YouTube. If you once saw an excellent micro movie on Viemo that didn’t take by the famous directors, it probably shoot with the DSLR.

In fact, the history of DSLR video shooting doesn’t very long. The first camera with the function is the Nikon D90, but now it has been the standard requirement of DSLR. Well, there is a new product that didn’t have the function – Nikon DF, which claimed with the theme of pure photography. However, the retro design and so called theme are just the marketing strategy of the manufactures.

Compared with the traditional digital camcorder, the most obvious advantage of DSLR is the three-dimension effect, which is due to the censor size of the both tool. With the born advantages of big size sensor and interchangeable big aperture lens, the final effect is compared with the professional movie.

What’s the image effect of DSLR videos? This question is related large. When we talk about the image effect, the most common words are resolution, high ISO effect, and color rendition. DSLR has its born features: one of them is the interchangeable lens, which is most related to the resolution. High ISO effect is most related to the performance of DSLR censor and processor. In the part of color rendition, even the best DSLR can’t render the color in 100 percent. In the digital times, the work is mostly processed in the post production.

Generally speaking, the 1080p HD video is the best one that the common consumers can do. More and more advanced photographers also get into this area for ads and movie.

pro dslr video kits

Does it cost a lot? I’m afraid the answer is YES to most of people. However, compared with the professional movie devices, the cost of DSLR video shooting is really affordable. Even ignore about the devices price, the cost of films is also unaffordable for many of us. Meanwhile, the list of DSLR video shooting is a camera, several lenses, a tripod and a set of DSLR movie kit (concludes a shoulder support rig, follow focus, matte box, rail, etc). The entry level DSLR Ti3 is about $500 and the main stream 5D Mark 2 is about $2799, IS lens cost hundred dollars, DSLR movie kit’s price is about $300-$1000. The totally cost is about $1000-5000, which is really cheap compared with the pro movie device.

dslr shoulder rig

If you want to get start the tour of video shooting, the DSLR is still your best choice now.

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