DSLR Video Recording In Television Program Designing

Around 2010, the video shooting of DLSR is widely accepted by the professionals. More and more people get into the area of ad, MV, and television with the DSLR. Then, what is the difference of DSLR HD video and broadcast camcorder?


When we talk about the DSLR video shooting, Nikon D90 is often mentioned as it is the first DSLR with the feature. But the most important actor of group is Canon EOS 5D Mark 2, which was announced at Sep, 2008. Since that, many DSLR (Nikon D3s, D300s,D5000, D7000, Canon 7D, 60D, 550D, 600D) and mirrorless (Panasonic GH1, GF1, Samsung NX10) are brought the function.


The video function of Nikon D90 is actually very simple: only support 24fps 720P AVI video in the compression of Motion-JPEG; one episode length is restricted in 5 minutes. These restrictions are vital to television producer. One month later, 5D Mark 2 increased the parameter to MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 30fps 1080P MOV. However, the aperture, shutter, and ISO’s uncontrollable keep the professionals away. The popular of 5D2 today is due to the firmware upgrades in the later years.


Compared with the camcorder, the biggest advantage of the DSLR is the big size censor. The main actors (include Sony DPW-700, HDW-800P, Panasonic AJ-HPX2700MC, AJ-SPX900MC) of the current television are using three 2/3 inch CCDs (13.6mmx10.2mm). Meanwhile, the smallest size of CMOS on DSLR is 22.2mx14.8mm APS-C. When it comes to the full frame, the parameter comes to 36mmx24mm, which is 6 times of camcorder. Big size censor brings great advantages, one of which is the very small depth of field. If you had the experience of camcorder, you may know the difficulty of it.


Compared with the only zoom lens of camcorder, the lenses group of DSLR can be said as abundant. Take the Nikon and Canon as example, no matter Nikor or Canon EF, they cover the lens of wide angle, super wide angle, zoom, tele, and prime. Some special lens like fisheye, macro, and shift are also available. The imaging quality and choice of these lenses are much better than the camcorder.

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In the fresh time of DSLR video, many people get into the troubles of various problems, such as the unstable of handheld, not fluent while manual focus, non continuous focusing, and poor battery service life. However, as the time pass and population of digital SLR HD video, more and more advanced manufacturers and video producers developed a series of accessories, including matte box, follow focus, dslr slider, big screen monitor, etc. Some manufactures like Koolertron also combines them into one kit. For example this DSLR video kit almost concludes all the useful gadgets also like shoulder support, mount rig, hand grip, magic arm, and so on.


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