Eight Kinds Of Photographer, Which One is You?

Since the digital camera goes into the public, more and more become an amateur or professional photographer. Then, what’s your role in photographer? Let’s have a look at the main 8 ones.


Eagle of social community. This kind of photographer would spend much time on the managing of social accounts like Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter, and upload varieties of works, add series of tags. They believe that the posting of works does help to increase name recognition, or showing off the built-in Wi-Fi function of their new camera.

Negative film is king. They believe that shooting of film is an art and the action of developing film in the dark room is a romantic thing. However, to send the final work to the clients, they have to spend more time and energy to scan it in digital files. Of course, to increase the competitiveness, they also shoot digital photos sometime, but they also are complaining about the poor sense of reality.

negative film

Digital is all. Compared with the negative film photographers, they dedicated to the production of digital photos and believe that the negative film is an old trick. In versa, do they know that the photos in their drivers are easily forgotten or deleted?


Equipment Enthusiasts. There is only one target of this kind of people: purchasing and collecting more cameras, lens, etc. Maybe you have some of friends like this. There is an advantage that if you want to borrow one camera strap, they have dozens choice for you.

gear enthuasists

Photography critics. As a advanced photography critics, there is no need of camera and lens, let along the works. However, they will always show you an unique or strange opinion.

photography critics

Undertone photographers. These kinds of people are full of talent but rarely display or recommend their own works. They abandoned the work of photo workers and comfortable lifestyle but choose to enjoy photography themselves.


Non photographer. There are always some guys that never care about the newest camera, don’t shoot certain theme, and don’t know post production, but they can shoot great photos with their smartphone. To these guys, we always envy them.


Yourself. If you are combination of the above 7, have enough photography gear, send advices sometimes, enjoy digital and film work, and upload photos to social network sometimes. Then congratulate you, you have become a self style photographer.

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