Equipments List for DSLR Video Shooting and Filmmaking

Video is an undervalued function of DSLR. Many people can use their camera shoot great photos. However, when it comes to the video, the condition is not great anymore. Almost all new products of these years support video shooting now: Canon 700D, 60D, 7D, 5D2, and Nikon 5200, 7100, D800, etc. Among them, the 5D Mark 2 and 3 are the most popular devices to the video studios.


It can be said that the DSLR lowered the threshold of film making. With a DSLR, a microphone, some accessories, and a YouTube account, we can start our way of video shooting. Compared with the traditional HD DV camcorder, it has its obvious features: big censor, deep depth-of-field, abundant lenses, and light weight. Every coin has two sides. Digital SLR camera is not designed for video shooting. It is not very convenient for operation.


Every problem has a solution. The solution of the operation is accessories. First is a tripod. Mostly, the one for photo shooting is not suitable anymore. At least, there should be a level gauge. If you want the actual sound, an external MIC for DSLR is also necessary. It can effectively avoid the noise of operations compared with the built-in MIC. A set of DSLR video rig, it is the combination kit of a matte box, follow focus, external HD monitor, mini slider, and may be other accessories when necessary.

dslr video mic

Every part of it has its unique feature. Matte box can keep the stray light away from your lens. Follow focus is very important. It can help you make the focusing much easier in video shooting. If you had used your video function, you may have known how hard it is. Before shooting, be sure that your lens is in the mode of MF. For practiced focusing, you need a long time to handle it. The hard of focusing is related with the small LCD screen, which is too small for focusing. At this time, a DSLR video monitor can perfectly consult this problem. Normally, the 7 inch and 10 inch would be enough.

dslr video rig

DSLR Slider is a useful tool in video shooting. Preset the parameters of your camera, and then you can the ideal target. Steadicam can reduce the shaking of the device into minimum. Sometimes, a shoulder support also meets your needs. You can decide which one to take depends on your real condition.


Equipment is never the sufficient condition of a good video. You need to practice and practice just like what you do in photography.

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