Experiences Sharing of DSLR Video Shooting

Mostly current DSLRs have basic video recording function. When the Canon 550d was announced, it is still the testing of water in video. The functions are very basic and even can’t track AF.


Compared with the normal camcorder, there is nature advantage of DSLR: the bigger censor. Take the Canon 650D as example, its censor size is 22.3×14.9, which means the 77 times of digital camcorder censor. When it comes to the full frame 5D Mark 3, the size of 36x24mm is the 200 times. What’s the meaning of bigger censor? It means more light and layer. Besides, with the use of full frame lens, you can shoot more scenes: background blur, foreground details, etc.

dslr shoulder video kit

The high pixels of DSLR can let the image much clear. What’s more, the interchangeable of lens can improve the beauty of depth of field. The definition of video is related fixed. There are two standards of HD video: 1920×1080 (the known 1080P or all HD), 1280×720 (720P). Both of them are highly supported by the software and displaying devices. Of course, the normal video is also available but it seems meaningless.


The biggest trouble is the stabling of image. Shaking image won’t be accepted by people at most of the conditions. Manual focus can maintain the accuracy. The more you use it, the more skilled you are. And it also can help you get the effect of gradually focusing or out of focusing. When it comes to the topic, take fully consider about the weakness of focusing. Shoot the static objects will be nice while the kids won’t be funny.


The tricks you learned from photography is also helpful for video recording. The use and control of lens will be great while you want to express the meaning of close up or background blurring. Besides, the angle of lens is also a thing that you can take good advantage of. Horizontal view can be used documental and other real films; depression view can let the audiences get a stronger position; looking up can let the objects seems more important; squinting is mostly used to express the meaning of nervous, uneasy, or unrest.


Lighting is also very important while recording. Universal way is the three-point lighting: let the three light sources light on the objects. Main light is mostly put at the 15 to 45 degree side while fill light is put at opposite side to fill the shadow and backlight of the main light. Backlight can highlight the outline.


If you are interested in the video shooting, the DSLR video kits are necessary. They can help your job easier.

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