Find Mini Portable Projector for Home Use

Several years ago, the project was still only used at certain condition like meeting or classroom. The mini portable projector improves the condition and let this product going into the home theater.


The price gap of different home use mini portable projectors is very big and can be hundreds of dollars. In fact, for most of occasions, the $100 to 200 ones can meet the needs and among the projector group of this level, Koolertron is the top choice.

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You may be confused about the choice of LCD and DLP. Both of them have its advantage: DLP is a new technology of projection while LCD is a traditional one. Just like many other technologies, the DLP is slightly better than the LCD in the performance of: lightweight, flexible, real and sharp image, good level effect, and better black effect. On the contrast, traditional LCD is more mature and has higher light use efficiency, gorgeous color, and better contrast effect. Of course, the price of DLP is also more expensive than LCD. So, if you are a rational customer with low budget, LCD is more suitable for you. Meanwhile, if you want to keep it for a long time, for example 5 years, I’d like to recommend DLP.


Does it the brighter the bulb, the better the projector? Not always. If you are purchasing a business one, the answer is YES as the using environment area is large. While in the related small living room, the over bright light may let feel dazzling. If the square measure is from 20-50m, the most ideal brightness is 800 Lumens and 1200 Lumens. In the contrast part, it is the higher the better and DLP has prominent advantage.


Generally, the higher the resolution, the clear the image, and of course, the higher the price. In the long terms of consideration, if budget is permitted, XGA projector is clearer. However, to save money, SVGA is also a good choice that can meet most of people’s need. Another thing that need to recall is that the difference of standard resolution and highest resolution. The previous one is the resolution of outputting while the highest is the supported input resolution. For example, if the highest resolution is 1024×768 and the real resolution is 800×600, then the final image is 800×600.

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To home projectors, the functions needn’t too much. Look at the remote control of your TV, how much button do you use? Otherwise, if you want to sync with your iPhone, iPad or other devices, such iPhone pocket projector will be a nice deal.

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