Get Away From The Argument of Accident – Driving Recorder

No matter the daily work or the weekend travel, car is the most used transportation. For various reasons, the rate of accident is also arising. If there is no third person testimony, the condition will be struggling in the mud. At this time, an car recorder will make the thing easy as it can record the entire process.


The working principle of driving recorder is not complicated. It has a built-in camera. In the driving process, the recorder records the scenes and transfers to the car computer. We can browse the video in the computer or directly on the car recorder.


It some like the camcorder, but also has some unique advantages. The power is coming from the cigarette entry port, which is different from the need of normal cameras. Mostly, it has a special support and fixed in the car: stability is its advantage. Some recorders have the special features of mobile detecting, delay power off, G-sensor, etc. All of them are not included in the normal camera devices. The storage is limited, but it can store the new videos by replacing the previous ones. Support of loop record is also one of the most essential distinctions.


According to different classification ways, recorders can be divided into various types. The most common way is the installing place.


Windshield car recorder: This kind of recorder is installed on the windshield with a strong chuck or glue. It has been the mainstream product now.

windsheild DVR

Rear-view mirror recorder: It is especially designed for the vehicles and can be fixed on the rear-view mirror. Besides the feature of driving recording, it also provides a wider angle of rear viewing. That is why it becomes popular these years.


Vehicle recorder with support: it is a good choice if you don’t have other products like portable GPS, etc.

vehicle recorder with support

Portable car black box: this kind recorder is very small. Beside the vehicle, it also can be equipped on the bicycle, motorbike, or even helmet to record your track. For the strong convenient performance, it is very expensive. I’d not recommend it.

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