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Product: Koolertron Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Case Bag

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Reviewed by Kayla.

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What Is It
Keeping your camera safe from harm is one of the most important things you should do. After all, it’s an expensive piece of electronic, and for many people, it’s an important route of self-expression and creativity (myself included!) While this includes doing regular things like cleanings or avoiding exposure to the inside of the camera while changing lenses, it also requires keeping the camera safe on a regular basis by using a storage bag that’s designed to pad your camera from the outside world (much like padding is important in a laptop bag).

While there are a ton of camera bag options out there, you can find some camera bags available at Koolerbuy as well. Their own line of camera bags, their camera bags are designed to fit some of the large-name DSLR cameras such as Nikon camers and Canon cameras. Along with camera bags, they also sell tablets and cell phones, audio and video items, car electronics, sports and outdoor items, and other photography equipment. They definitely have a huge selection to choose from!

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For those who like the retro style of camera bags (which definitely seems to be a huge fashion choice for a lot of people!), there’s the Koolertron Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Case Bag. Available in two different colors including blue and green, this bag has a retro look while also providing a padded interior. Along with the padded interior, this bag includes velcro-attached dividers that are also divided. Because these dividers are attached with velcro, you can easily move the dividers around inside the bag to accommodate differently-sized lenses.

In case you want to use the bag as a regular purse or bag, the inside padding is all fully removable. This means you’ll just have a regular bag/purse without any padding once you remove it. It’s in their pretty snuggly, though, so you don’t have to worry about the padding just sliding out. You have to definitely pull it out to make it come out, but it goes in and out without too much trouble if you’re hoping to use this bag as a multi-use bag as well.

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The bag seals shut via two magnetic snap clips on the front of the bag. These clips look “retro” because they look like they’re standard buckles, but actually, they just use a snap system. I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with the buckles, so I’m quite happy about this change of system.

In terms of storage, the Koolertron Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Case Bag has a decent amount of storage area for how slim the bag is. The two pockets on the front of the bag work as regular pockets, and since the lid covers up these pockets when the bag is closed, they can hold smaller items. The backside of the bag has a slim pouch that can hold long, slender objects like photography cheat sheets or posing guides. The inner, huge pouch is 32cm long, 21cm high, and 12cm wide.

For carrying the bag, this bag includes a shoulder carrying strap that’s fully adjustable to work for your size. As a note, this shoulder strap is not removable. The bag can also be carried via the handle on the top of the bag, but since that handle directly connects to the two magnetic snaps that are holding the bag is closed, I would highly recommend carrying it primarily by the shoulder strap.

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My Opinion
The Koolertron Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Case Bag isn’t going to carry all of your gear if you’re a hardcore photographer – but you probably already knew that. However, if you’re just a casual photographer or just want something slim that easily carries your most important gear when you’re out and about, this camera bag definitely works. In fact, this camera bag is much slimmer than most camera bags I’ve seen – and definitely more fashionable.

The Koolertron Camera Bag will fit my bare essentials in it to make sure I handle a decent shoot. It can fit my camera with a standard lens, two extra lenes, the upload cable for the SD card, the battery charger, any types of paper, and any other small essentials (like a cell phone fits in here). The fit is definitely tight, and if you want a bit more room, you can just remove one of the lenses and have a bit more wiggle room to work with. Either way, if I’m going to be out somewhere for a long time and don’t want to carry a ton of gear, this camera bag works wonderfully.

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I was a bit worried about how well the lid of the bag would stay on. It turns out I didn’t have to be too concerned. While I wouldn’t carry the bag by the handle on top of the lid if the bag was really heavy (though when lighter, I’ve had no problem), the lid stays on just fine as long as you make sure the magnetic snaps are actually in place (and not just sorta in place). The shoulder strap is also extremely comfortable, wide enough to disperse weight well, and attached firmly to the bag. Really, I have no complaints about how I carry the bag, and it’s small enough to stay out of the way while still keeping my gear there if I need it.

The quality of the bag is pretty high as well. The bag seems really well stitched together, and the padding of the bag should be enough to protect your camera from life’s everyday problems (but maybe not if you drop the camera from a tall height). Really, the camera bag feels high-quality, and I have no concerns about it lasting a long time as long as I don’t abuse it.

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The Koolerton Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Case Bag holds a decent amount of gear while still being small in size to easily go places with you. The inner camera padding is removable to allow you to use the bag as a regular purse or bag as well. The inner dividers are attached with strong velcro to allow you to customize the sizing perfectly for your gear. The bag includes multiple storage pockets to allow you that bit of extra storage for your stuff.

I’m not sure if the magnetic snaps could hold too well if the bag was extremely heavy and you used the lid handle to carry the bag around. I’ll stick with using the shoulder strap (which is how I’d normally carry it anyway).

If you need a camera bag that is small in size yet still protects your camera while you’re out and about, this bag is perfect. Plus, with its removable inner camera padding, you can take out the camera padding and use this camera bag as a regular purse or bag! How awesome is that?

Buy It
You can purchase the Koolertron Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Case Bag directly off of the Koolerbuy website. They even offer free shipping with this bag!

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