Help You Get More Areas of Photography – Shutter Line

Shutter line is the line that allows the photographer remote control the shutter, which makes the remote shooting, long exposure, continuous shooting, and time lapse become available. In some certain, it also can reduce the opportunity of camera shaking. Generally, it is used with the tripod. Rather to say it is a DSLR accessory, it is more like a tripod accessory as every photographer has a shutter line has a tripod as well.


The slightly shaking of camera body is unavoidable while pressing down the shutter with hand. However, shutter line can perfectly consult this problem and make the long exposure anti-shake become available. We know that long exposure shooting usually need turn to the B mode. It is unreasonable to press down with finger at B mode. At this time, shutter line will help you a lot. You just need to lock the shutter and unlock later.


Time lapse is a popular photography subject recently. The principle is shooting a photo at intervals, and then combines them into a video in the post production. It is the same principle as the star trial while the difference is the final work is a photo. You can’t do this job without the shutter line for some certain cameras. Of course, there are also some cameras with this built-in feature. So if you are aiming with this purpose, you should check your camera first. It would be waste if your camera has this feature.

shutter line

Basically, I is not recommended to most of photographers as it is used very few. As the development of technology, DSLR has many additional features, for example the time lapse of Nikon D5200, and Wi-Fi of 6D (makes the smart phone remote control available). The function of shutter line has been replaced by many other tools. Of course, if you are attending to try the subject of star trail or time lapse, purchase a cheap shutter line is also acceptable. By the way, the line for every device is different: a Canon’s line may not available for another Canon EOS.


If you really want to try the special photography, I have two brand recommendations for you: Yongnuo multifunctional shutter line and Pixel wireless shutter line. The previous has the functions of selfie timer, accuracy interval, long exposure timer, and remote shutter switch. Both of them are not available at Koolerbuy. You can easily find it on Google or other online shop.

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