Hire a “witness” escort to your car – DVR.

Whether it is in daily work or a weekend trip or holiday visiting relatives and friends, cars have become the important means of transportation when you travel. There may be unlucky but sometimes I drove out on the road there might be scratch Dally. In the absence of the third-party witnesses, both sides of the accident tend to form a stalemate and affect the traffic on the road. So if this time we have a Car DVR, perhaps it can be recorded on the macrograph information to quickly identify the responsibility.


koolertron HD-720P car dvr

Many people do not know how to judge the quality standards, or even think about that just “install cameras in the car.” Then I will be with everyone together to talk about this installed in the car’s “eyes” in the end how to choose. The principle of Dash Cam actually is not complicated. The DVR itself will configure a camera lens, and then in the process of the car, it will record captured images from the lens to the host, and then stored in the storage medium (usually for SD memory card or machine built in storage apace). If we need to browse recorded video, it only needs to use the computer to read the video information stored or directly used the DVR screen view the recorded video. Maybe someone will ask, the function of the DVR is the same as the common camera. So we can only put a camera inside the car. But I want to say, although the principle is the same, the DVR itself has some unique advantages. Take this for example:  Koolertron Dual Lens 720P 2.7″ TFT LCD Screen F20 Car Dash Camera DVR .

koolertron HD-720P car dvr

It Support fast switching night shoot mode. This solves the overexposure problem, and can shoot the license plate clearly.  It also support seamless video, record from the beginning again when the storage is full, and the pause time less than 0.5 Second. In the functions part, the built in SOS function. Press SOS button when emergency happened, this item will automatically put the last 10 seconds and 1 minute after automatically saved as a file can not be deleted. It support 8 PCs high power light-enhanced Infrared LED night-vision, with remote control, easy to operate. The DVR also support HDMI output and TV output with USB port.

Now we will talk about the DVR’s unique advantages. The first place is Power; DVR itself is a source of power from the car’s cigarette lighter power, which essentially different from that requires 220V ordinary camera equipment. The second is Stability, DVR has dedicated stand, and it can fixed in the car the whole day. And it is optimized specifically for the car, to ensure stability better. Thirdly the DVR has Special Features; it has made many special behaviors of the automotive designs such as, motion detection, delay shutdown, gravity sensor, etc. These are ordinary camera equipment haven’t. What’s more, the DVR can loop recording, its storage space is limited, but it can overwrite the oldest records recycling storage space when it saturated.  So your video recorder inside information is always up to date. Whether to support circular logging is the most difference between the DVR and the general cameras.

This digital video recorder seemingly simple, but after some of the main features showed for you, maybe everyone will feel surprised that so many parameters need to pay attention. For more related information from