Home 3D Entertainment Solution with DLP Projector

The popular of 3D movies is only several years. However, it quickly wins the eyes of the camera buff. To most of us, the enjoyment of 3D movie is mostly at cinema. In fact, we can also make the solution at home with a DLP projector, a DLP 3D converter, and a pair of 3D glasses.


As the main stream projection technology, DLP (digital light processing) can help the projector creating big image. This kind of technology has very high imaging speed and generates two kinds of images on the screen at the same time: one for left eye and the other for right one. Then, you can enjoy them with your 3D glasses.


DLP Link is a built-in syncing system of DLP 3D Projector. With it, the projector can seamlessly send 3D data. This unique technology eliminates the metadata emitter, so the cost is also saved. It is belonged to the technology of active shutter, but can’t be compatible with NVIDA 3D, 3D blue-ray standard, which is also the reason of multiple 3D solutions. Comparatively speaking, DLP 3D projector provides a bigger range for us and the cost of DLP Link 3D glasses is not very expensive.

BenQ W600+

In the system building aspect, you still need your PC and SSP playing software to achieve the target. For the highly speed development of 3D displaying chain, almost all DLP manufacture release their DLP 3D projector. At here, I have several budget recommendations: BenQ W600+, Optoma IS500, Optoma XE151, Acer H5360, and ViewSonic PJD6531W. Acer H5360 and PJD6531W support DLP and NVIDA 3D technology. For 3D DLP converter and 3D glasses part, Koolertron provides several solutions for you.

dlp 3d converter

Do keep an eye on the computability of the converter and projector. For example, this converter: don’t support polarization 3D projector and double system projector; don’t support 1024*768/120HZ 3D DLP projector; Some 3D ready DLP projector maybe no 3D OSD menu, projector auto recognition input signal; Blue-ray DVD Player output format maybe include FP/SBS/TAB if disk not a standard, V3D-P controlled must be matched with input source format. In the glasses part, the color choice is the first thing you need to consult with. You can totally make the deal with your own preference. My personal one is this Koolertron red active 3D Glasses.

3d glasses red

With the help of the above tools and simple operations, you can freely enjoy the 3D entertainment at home now.

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