How to Choose A Bag for Your Body Type

Not like jeans and shirts, bags get less scrutiny from the public. In fact, an appropriate bag is in the same level as jeans while flatter someone’s shape. Have you ever noticed that Oscar Stars can always take the right bag with them? Try to apply the below tips in getting your bag for your figure. Not only knock of the dollars you costing, but also you will be the star of your crowd.

What’s the figure of you? Body type is the first important factor while choosing a bag. If you are tall and thin personality, don’t even purchase any shoulder bags that with short straps. Ex. The Hobo. A short strap shoulder bag will make you even taller than you really are. For this condition, wider handbag and clutches are good replacements. In fact, almost all handbags (except the too small ones) are perfect for tall and skinny women. Colours also flatter their body type as well. Long sling bag could be a second choice.

Canvas HandBag

Rounds bags are not corresponding for curvy women while structured bag can make them appear skinny. Not like the tall and lean figure, curvy women should choose the shoulder bag that always sits above the waist.

Petite is the most common and flattering women body type. A sling or bowling bag sits above the hip will be the most flattering way. Beside them two, hobo bags are great bet for them.

Choose a right bag is much harder for plus-size women. The condition is similar: flatter the assets and hide the flaws. Some plus-size women love the carrying bags with big prints, which is totally wrong. The big prints bag will highlight your flaws. Too small bag has similar condition. In fact, for heavy built figure, a large structured can make the things much better. For tall and skinny women, the short strap shoulder bag is disaster, but for plus-size ladies, they are perfect choice.

A right bag can’t make you skinnier, but it can flatter your figure with the magic of carrying. Size of the bag is also an important factor while choosing a bag. Don’t ever follow the so-called fashion style of Milan Show or on the magazines, almost all of them are not suitable for the majority. Keep in mind of the lifestyle or occasion your might want the bag be. You should never take a canvas backpack to a dining.

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