How to Choose A Good Gaming Mouse

You probably have known some basic information of gaming mouse in the article of Things You Should Know About the Gaming Mouse, but you may still confused about which kind would be better. Now I will show you how to make a good deal with the outside and inner side features.


The design straightforwardly decide the comfort of operation, so many manufactures have integrated into the human engineering to appeal for the different hand types. Considering about this part has been processed very well in most of the manufactures, you directly choose the beautiful one.


Standard mice have only three buttons: mousewheel, left, and right button, which can fit the needs of current games like LOL, DOTA, WOW, etc. At this part, there is no right suggestion, just follow the need of your game. One thing to remind is that if you need 3 external buttons, maybe you should consider about 2 or 3 more buttons one.


Materials also directly affect the hand feeling and appearance. The main streams materials of computer mice are plastic, piano bakes lacquer, dull polish, and metal. Everyone has its prominent features. Plastic is the most common material for its low cost and easy machining while loses the performance of hand feeling. Piano painted ones are the best looking especially under the lights. The shortcoming is that it would become a fingerprint collector in summer. Dull polished, meanwhile, is the opposite one of piano bakes lacquer. Metal is mostly used in high end consumer electronics, but the disadvantage is the weight. It is not a common sense in gaming mice. Generally speaking, there is no perfect one in material, so choose the most important feature that means to you.

optical laser mouse

The core of gaming mice is the engine, which directly determines the feature and performance, such as laser, optical, 4G, and bluetrack. For various reasons, the market have been occupied by the optical mouse, so this part is also not a hard decision.

bluetooth mouse

The main ways of connecting are wired, wireless, Bluetooth, and dual modes. There are some slightly difference in Bluetooth and wireless to some products. However, the compatibility of them are both well. Highly recommend to use the wireless one for game playing. In the earlier times when the wireless technology is still not mature enough, I’d recommend you to use the wired one as it is more stable and safe, but now the conditions have been totally changed. Even cheap wireless mouse can do a good job in it.

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