How to Choose A Good Instant Camera

The first instant camera appeared at the last 40s – Polaroid 95. The later 70s is the gold times of Polaroid: the famous SX-70 contributed at large number of sales and recognition of the professional photographers. Even it still can be seen in the market. Its unique feature of one-step imaging makes it more attractive.

fujifilm instax mini 7s

When it comes to the digital times, the sale follows the step of traditional film camera. About 2010, Fuji’s Checky series improve the condition. However, the success of Checky is more like a culture phenomenon.

When we talk about it, another unavoidable part is the photographic paper. For the special feature of it, the final image effect is mostly due to the paper. The majority group of Instant camera is very simple, so it is hardly used in serious condition.

Though Polaroid is the sponsor of this system, the majority market is occupied by the Fuji Checky. You can easily find out the reasons: cheaper price and better appearance. The accessories for them can’t be universal. Te good part of it is obvious: presenting the final product instantly. In the film time, this instant sharing feature help it a lot in market.

We have known that the image effect is mostly due to the paper, but the photographic papers’ choice is very few. This condition makes the functions important. Commonest ones has only 4 modes of brightness while the better ones has many scenes modes like B, macro, and multiple exposure, which can bring funny to us.

Polaroid One Step

The quality of photographic paper is related complex. Besides the subjective views of color, the reserving time under hot or cold weather is also another important measurement criterion. In the size part, Fuji has two choices: 54*86mm and 108*86mm. They are used for different cameras. Meanwhile Polaroid has 107*88, 102*103, and 180*240mm. The time of the paper is the big problem of camera. Old papers may lead the condition of color cast.

For the reason of time, Fuji Instant is the main stream, but there are still many people choose the Polaroid. The unique feature helps it still existing today. It is not a professional camera and needn’t much operations. Compared with Fuji, Polaroid is more like the traditional camera: auto focusing system, auto exposure, certain manual exposure.

All the papers of Polaroid is made by the Impossible Protect, which is built by the enthusiasts. The price is almost 4 to 5 times of Fuji while the service life is only 1/5 to 1/4.

For detailed devices, I’d like to recommend the Instax mini 7S/8/25 Checky. Better ones? Try Instax mini 50s Checky, Instax mini 90 NEO Classic, and Polaroid SX-70. More photography equipments info, welcome to

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