How to Choose A Good Monitor For Different Needs?

In the previous article, we have mentioned the basic parameters and features of a monitor. Based on my experiences, I will show you how to make the choice for different kinds of needs.

The first thing you should be clear about is the purpose, or we can say the scene you will use. Video, playing game, office, video shooting, and graphic design are the most common ones.


Big screen is more suitable for watching movies, so the ones above 23 inch would be my recommendations. There are many 1080P videos now, so the resolution should be at least or above 1920, which means the interface of DVI, HDMI, or Displayport. For home use, there are always 2 or more people watching at the same time, so the viewing angle is also a question that need to consider about. Wide angle screens (IPS, MVA, PVA, PLS) are better. If there is no fierce need, commercial IPS or C-PVA displays around $150-200 are good choices, such as, the AOC i2351Fe.


For game playing consumers, if the video card support, the resolution should be over 1920. If there are scenes of external gaming consoles like PS4 or XBOX One, the 16:9 screens can keep you away from the possibility of deformation. It is better to have HDMI port. Besides, if the games are always imaging shaking, such as, the sports car, response time is also an important parameter (should at least below 5ms). For detailed device, the BenQ XL2420T is nice.

To officers, the aspect ratio 16:10 is more suitable as most of the software need more height than width. However, this kind of display is not very much at current and related dearer than the 16:9, which is hard to understand. In fact, you can choose the one you favorite for daily work. Even you can rotate the screen to vertical for long information stream works like writing code.

koolertron 7 inch monitor

For video producer who use camera shooting videos, a small size (7-10inch) LCD monitor for DSLR would be a great companion. After all, you can’t know what the effect of the actors in the 3inch screen on camera. In detailed, Koolertron 7 Inch FPV Monitor is great for outdoor shooting.

For advanced graphic designers, the color rendition becomes the first principle now. In the terms of panel, 6 bit TN is not suitable any more. Generally, the IPS ones about $500 can meet the basic needs, or you can choose the Apple LED Cinema Display. Higher requirements? Choose the answer in Eizo or NEC.

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