How to Choose A Good Tripod For Digital SLR Camera

Though not accepted by the beginners, tripod is the most basic and important partner of photographers except the camera. Beside the strong performance of stability, it also helps you try the creative shooting of (star track, long exposure, etc). These features are irreplaceable by the anti-shake and high ISO.


In the digital times, as the popular of high ISO low noise, big aperture, and VR lens, the tripod is used less and less to the amateur photographers. In fact, the use frequency of tripod may indicate the professionalism of a photographer.


The bearing of tripod is an important property. To the advanced DSLR with telephoto lens, the weight is very high. Exceeding of bearing will let you’re your camera get into the occasion of damage. Meanwhile, its weight is also very important, overweight tripod will bring great burden to the owners. So I’d like to recommend the ones that made with carbon fiber.


Tripod has three main kinds of materials: aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, and carbon fiber. Most middle and low end tripods are made with aluminum. Its advantages are sturdy, durable, and cheap. But it is also the heaviest. MA ones are lighter than the AA and have better carrying capacity. The newest and best tripods are made with carbon fiber. Almost all features of it (toughness, weight, etc) are better than the previous two except the price. To the high accuracy photography (such as macro photography), a micro adjustable PTZ and multiple angle tripod are very necessary. Consider about the extended length with your real height. Mostly, the length of 1.5-1.7 is enough. In my personal experience, ball head PTZ is better than other. Be sure the tripod has the capacity of 3KG and its weight less than 3KG.


Narrow sense tripod is only represents the support. Advanced tripods are sold divided with the PTZ. The species of tripod is numerous. You can find the price from dozens dollars to hundreds, or even dearer.

portable tripod head

Choose a reliable ball head is also very important. For example this portable tripod head a specialized tripod head for heavy telephoto lenses, widely used on wild animals shoots, exotic birds shoots, wonderful sport game shoots etc. The clamp with quick release of this gimbal head could be moved up or down through adjusting the vertical balance adjustment lever. Adjust the up or down displacement by locking the vertical balance adjustment lever in counter-clockwise direction while tighten the lock knob in clockwise direction is to fix the displacement.

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