How to Choose A Great Diving Flashlight Online

Curiosity is human nature. Diving is the embodiment in sports. You can find many diving clubs in the seashore cities. If you are one of the diving lovers, you won’t be strange to Bermuda, Guam, Fiji, Malta, Aruba, etc. For the reason of poor light condition of underwater environment, the diving flashlight becomes an essential tool. Not only for diving sports, it is also widely used by the fishing lovers and fish man.


The early lighting device is very poor and can’t be available to the shoaling water. As the popular of the LED, the lighting problem of underwater is perfectly consulted. With the advanced LED lighting principle and professional design, it can be available to the depth of 30, 60, 100, 150, or even 200m now.


Diving can be divided into the freshwater diving and salt water diving, day and night diving, as well as shallow and deep diving. Different kind of diving has different requirements. Generally, the freshwater diving has fewer requirements on the out shell as well as lumens for the high corrosivity and low light transmission of salt water. In fact, there is almost no pure freshwater diving light now, almost every torch use the aviation aluminum and anodizing surface shell.


Strictly speaking, day diving and night diving don’t have big differences. It’s recommended to choose a higher lumens flashlight especially when you prefer night and deep diving. A quality LED torch is also the responsibility to your life.

Pellor Diving Flashlight

Switch is an important part of a diving flashlight. Old ones are choosing the way of magnetron, which is not very strong in resisting water pressure. On the other hand, other ones like this Pellor Diving LED Flashlight are using the way of rotary switch, which is almost non-switch. Cree has been widely known. Cree Q5 is about 230, R5 is 350, T6 is 1000, and SWC100W. Cree T6 is the best choice for diving flashlight.

diving led torch

Pellor has focused on the flashlight for a long time and have created several top selling LED torch for diving lovers. Such as the one we mentioned in the previous paragraph and this 1200LM Cree Flashlight. Both of them provide several kinds of modes for various uses. Rotate the rear can be completely powered down, more energy-saving, environmental protection. Hard-Anodized finish; Anti-abrasive, free-scratch, shock-proof. Beside theses diving flashlights, you can also find many other LED lights from Pellor on Koolerbuy.

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