How to Choose A Keyboard For Tablets (iPad, Android)

No one will refuse the fact of that the tablet and smartphone have changed our life a lot in the past years. There are also many people hold the view that the mobile devices will replace the traditional market of PC. Though we are still using the desktops for work, tablet now can replace the role in some work condition especially with the keyboard case, which is the subject of this article.

Not too much time since tablet becomes the must-have gadgets for us, but there is no doubt that we have used extensively for work and fun. We have known that both Apple and Microsoft provide external keyboards for their iPad and Surface, but the price of it is really not corresponding. In fact, there are many other good choices.

There are two main types of keyboards in the market: keyboard case and off-tablet keyboard. Surface keyboard and Apple Wireless Keyboard are the two typical products. Not like keyboards for desktops, off body keyboard is not suitable for tablets any more. The reason is obvious: what is the biggest advantage of a tablet compared with the laptop and desktops, the portability. In fact, the keyboard dock station is the best choice considering of this factor.

Take this iPad Air Keyboard Case as example, rather to say it is a wireless keyboard, Iā€™d like to think it as leather case with keyboard. With the thin design, you can easily take it to anywhere you want to without any troubles. In fact, sellers like Koolerbuy will provide some accessories like dustproof plug and stylus pen, which are good for other using. Built-in battery can serve approximately 45 hours per charge.

ipad air keyboard case

For Samsung tablets users, Koolerbuy also provides a series of keyboard docking case, such as this keyboard for Galaxy Tab 2. You can freely transfer its role from keyboard, stand, to case. Which one is the best for you?

tab 2 keyboard

Common wireless keyboards support the working rage of up to 10 meters with the technique of Bluetooth. Also for the same reason, they perfectly support all versions of iOS and Android systems. Similar conditions are happened to Amazon Kindle, iPad Mini, Surface, Google Nexus, Asus Padfone and other main stream tablets.

A reliable seller is the insurance of a success deal and Koolerbuy is the one you can trust with as there are thousands of customers have bought great products from

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