How to Choose Tripod And Monopod For DSLR Video Shooting

Tripod is the most important accessory of video shooting, is a necessary device, and should be the first equipment you purchase. In my opinion, it is even more important than the lens especially for the beginners.


First, you should be clear about the difference of video tripod and photography tripod. Usually, image photography tripod doesn’t have handle, light in weight, normal capacity, and rotatable PTZ. Meanwhile, the video tripod normally has the features of heavy weight, big capacity, equipped with handle, and allows the camera capable of sliding. A good one chooses the design of separable, so that we can use different PTZ, mini jib, or other devices.

video tripod

Top fluid head has the adjustable balancing equipment and damper. It is highly recommended to purchase the video tripod at real retail as you can easily find the difference of cheap ones and expensive one by operating it in your hands. It is even not a video can tell out. This is also one of the reasons that Koolerbuy doesn’t provide the video tripod.


We will add a series of accessories like matte box and follow focus on the camera for easier shooting. This condition would increase the entire weight, so stability and capacity are the top two factors we need to consider about. So, carbon fiber tripod is recommended. If you are purchasing it and PTZ dived, be sure that the size are in the same. Another important factor is the height, which concludes the highest and lowest height. They provide a wider shooting range for us.


The using of monopod is a compromise plan of handle and tripod. The previous television and cinema cameras are too heavy for monopod. DSLR bring the chance to it. The stability and control of it is poorer than tripod, so it is always used as a supplement. The biggest advantage of it is flexibility, which also should be selling point.


Sometimes, we may go out for shooting with two cameras. If there is no assistant, it is hard to carry two tripods. At this time the combination of tripod and monopod can easily complete your work while maintain the difference needs. However, the tripod and monopod also have they limitation: it is useless in moving shooting for its design. The work wound left to the other gear – camera stabilizer mount.


In the end, I’d like to say that purchase the best tripod that you can get and the most convenient monopod

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