How to Get A Good Black Background Photo with Simple Equipments

In the previous article How to Get Great Photos With Simple Ways, I have introduced a way of shooting great product photos with a flashlight, a laptop, and a tripod. Sometimes, we need the black background photos to achieve the targeting effect, which is also the way I will show you in this article.


This solution needs the below equipments, a camera with manual mode, a cell phone, and a tripod. First, the use of manual mode allows you totally manually operate the ISO, shutter, aperture, and other parameters, as there is no AF in dark environment. The exposure time is about 15-20s, so the handheld of camera is also unreasonable. You cellphone plays the role of fill light.

background setting

First, we need to put the object on a stable surface. Then fix your camera on the tripod and find a suitable shooting angle. Adjust the focusing ring to achieve the focusing. Below are the recommended camera settings: ISO 100-200, aperture F5.6, shutter speed 15-20s. It is a general setting. You can slightly adjust it with your personal needs. The remaining things we need to do are turning off the lights, drawing the curtain, and pressing down the shutter. The key point is coming: turn up your phone and choose a totally white background (a flashlight app will be better). Shake your phone around the objects. It is hard to get the best effect at one time. You can try several times to get the best effect.

final work

Do you still admire the professional product image of others online? You can also do that with low cost. The totally won’t exceed $100. What you really need to spend may be a good tripod, which is very useful in most of conditions.

sample image

The aim of this article is not only showing a kind of photography trick, but more about the flexible use of daily tools like flashlight, cellphone, etc. After knowing about the product related knowledge, the photography needs, you can achieve many effects with your handing things. Use other things as a substitution of the photography equipments is a starting of DIY. In fact, DIY will take you to another world of photography. If you also use your camera for video shooting, you will realize more about this sentence.


Though I’m also supporting the idea of DIY, I’m still insisting on more practice of pro equipments. The reason is very simple: if you don’t know the use of a tool, how could you find a substation for it?

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