How to Get Great Photos With Simple Ways

Everyone wants to take great photos, but the high cost of camera body, lens, and a series of accessories keep many people away. Or some of them don’t like the inconvenience of big size devices and choose to use iPhone for daily shooting. Even some friends are complaining about can’t get great photos with a good photo.

In fact, photography is more like of a creative idea then master trick. Professional ones can take first level photos with the iPhone. To common people, it is hardly to get the advanced performance with the smart phone. Besides DSLR, there is still another choice that we common people can get: mirrorless camera. In this article, I will show you how to take a better product image with a mirror less camera.
pellor diving flash torch

The working principle of camera is not complicated. It is recorder of light, so the use of light becomes important in shooting. The devices we needed include a camera (in this experiment, I used the Sony Nex-5N), a tripod, a flashlight (any light you can get, my choice is this Pellor Cree Flash Torch), a laptop, and one or two soft tissue papers.


You must see the various lights in the Photo Studio. There are many kinds of studio flash lights: main light, auxiliary light, and fill light. With these lights, we can use faster shutter, lower ISO, and smaller aperture to get better image quality. We cannot get the professional device, but we can still substitute. In this shooting, we will use the torch as the fill light, laptop screen as the background, tissue paper as the soft cloth. By the way, the flashlight’s light would better be white, or the final photo will out of color.


There remaining thing is very simple. If you don’t have a tripod, you may need another guy to help you. Let’s have a look at the final work first.

final photo

This is the photo that didn’t use the light:

without light

This is the shooting environment:

shooting environment

The setting of camera is not very important, even the automatic setting is a good choice. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is the angle of camera and the torch. If you don’t sure about which one to choose, try different ones or directly use the way shown in the above picture.


This is another shoot of the model. What’s about this one? It is not hard to get professional looking photos.

sample image

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