How To Judge The Good and Bad of A Vehicle Recorder

In the previous article, we have talked about the details of a vehicle recorder. However, it is far from choosing the right one. Now I will show you how to make the deal by features.

There are several basic features of a vehicle recorder: take photos, delay power off, motion detection, and G-sensor. Dash cam is not only a video recorder but also a camera. Main stream products have the shooting feature of 10MP camera. Normally, the higher the pixel, the clearer the details. A higher pixel cam will take the license plate and colliding parts clearer. It now can realize the recording of automatic. You can set it turning on while started and off while stop. However, we may get encounter into some sudden accidents while stop the car, so we need the function of delay power off. Several seconds or minutes will be enough.

camera recorder g-sensor

Compared with the previous two, the motion detection is not as necessary, yet sometimes it has special purpose. The principle is not complicated: when we parking in the lot or other places, the recorder will get into the status of standby for the reason of image static. If the scene is changing, the cam will start to record. This function is aiming to avoid the vandalism. There are two fatal disadvantages: not suitable for crowd places and power supply. Recommend to turn off this function.


G-sensor is important to avoid the content loss of accidents. If there are crashed or other weightlessness conditions, the recorded video will be locked. Even if you don’t check the data for a long time, the locked video will not be covered.


High pixel is not all feature of a cam. For instance, the data of iPhone 5S is only 8MP, but it obvious that all dash cams can’t get the effect of iPhone. The biggest parameter that related to the image quality is the sensor. There are two types in the current market: CCD and CMOS. CCD is better but also more expensive and power consumption. In fact, CMOS dash cams are enough for the majority conditions.


Voice recording is useless but may also harm to your privacy. Even you purchase one car DVR with G-sensor and voice recording. I’d like to recommend you to turn it off.

1080p gs9000 dash cam

While all the areas about video are going into the times of HD, the dash cam is following they steps. Take this 1080P Dash Cam as example, it supports the full HD (1280*720).

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