How to Make An Equipment List for Macro Movie

There are so many freelance videographers on YouTube and Vimeo these days. It can be said that the development of DSLR does a lot of help to the situation. This condition also attracts a lot of youngsters going into this area. Just browse the questions on Yahoo Answers’ camera part, many askers are asking how to choose a camera for YouTube video. I have to say this is a good thing, may be some great future directors are among them.


When you want to start the work of a macro m ovie, you need to have a camera first. Some people prefer to choose smart phone as the video taker, but I have to say the current phones are not good enough. Maybe you will talk about Apple’s New Christmas Ad – Misunderstood. But you need to know how much devices does they use and how professional the director is. Don’t believe that? Just compare the professional photographers’ iPhone photos and yours. For beginners, the DSLR is still the most affordable device, though not cheap enough.

7 lcd monitor for dslr

Besides the camera body like Cannon T3i or Nikon D7100, you still need some others accessories. Some are necessary while others will let job easier and simpler. First is the adjustable follow focus, it needs the design of two modes and available to auto and manual lenses. It can help the videographer freely setting the follow focus range. The problem of out of focus will be perfect consulted if you handle with it. Side open matte box, is aiming to avoid the interference of stray light. Multi functional support system – it can be said as the connections of all the necessary items. Top handle can allows you put the device at any position. External monitor for DSLR – it is no doubt that the 2.5 inch screen can’t achieve the let you shoot a good video at any scenes.


Below is the example of Koolertron Pro Movie Kit, you can see the arrangement in one device. In fact, this is only a part of the devices, some other gear like Tripod and DSLR slider also needed for certain conditions.

pro dslr movie kit

The sufficient of video equipment is only the beginning of a macro movie. You still need many other people to help you, writer, actor, makeup artist, post producers. Of course, most of time, you have to wear many hats at the same time. These difficulties are also the lessons of a videographer.

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