How to shoot landscapes–rookie edition


1. The importance of light

If you think you take out beautiful scenery picture because:

  • a. your equipment isn’t good enough
  • b. late you PS is not good enough
  • c.Photography is not good enough, and then it is likely that these ideas are wrong. The first reaction of many people sees a pretty picture “you

Photos have a PS “,” color is good “, or” Why can’t I make other people take effect  I’ve never so beautiful pictures. “Scenery photos and general travel by what the biggest difference is not, but light. Wind light is the most important good lighting And good light is normally within one hour before or after sunset, known as the Golden Hour, can be said to 8% Excellent scenery pictures of 90 per cent or more was accomplished in that time. Amazing views with NPC noon white light came out of the camera is often a picture “here as”. So next time if you think “why  Those pictures are more beautiful than seeing “when, trying to warm sunshine watching sunset or a gorgeous sunset,  Maybe you’ll have an answer.

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2. The candle at both ends

If you’re aware of the importance of light, perhaps you will say, “I’ve been there, haven’t seen a great light”. I’m sorry, Good light is not hit, but rather, almost in the middle of a circle back to the hotel playing cards movie horse is hard to come across Good light. Best light at sunrise and sunset, which means that if you want to make a good film, just before the sun rises up Beds, home after sunset. Sunset for a lot of people, maybe Sunrise wake up early for a lot of people is hurting. If the winter, that summer is a difficult season for photographers, Sunrise photos at 4 o’clock when you have to get up at night 8 , Sunset until 9 o’clock. Don’t do it, but it all depends on your determination, but this is a very good measure, such as If you are eating, I can safely say that you can’t go further on landscape photography.

3. Dependent on the with determination and willpower is not enough, landscape photography is fed live. Whether or not determines the quality of light, which also determines the quality of photos? Filming outside waiting for a morning or evening with nothing and many. See. So somewhere, what’s the best time to take pictures is a great art. The coastline in summer and foggy San Francisco Bay area, If you run every day at the seaside in summer may be in vain. For weather, and at first may think weather is good weather, cloudy or bad weather. It’s not simply fine means that light will be yellow and the sky has no content, for many topics such as coasts and Lakes photography is not a good thing. Rain, of course, is not good, but the rain come and go often means changing clouds, if at the time of sunrise and sunset. Part to let the Sun through, the rays will be spectacular. Generally not too thick clouds there is Xia Light, this is the best situation for most scenarios.

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