How to shoot rain scene

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We go out in the rain is very reluctant to do, so in the end it will house photos or reading at home, finishing spent. However, some can be shown only in the rainy scenery, especially when the photographer has the features you want to show lotus and other scenes. Bring your dslr camera bags along and shot your own raining day photographs.

Rain shooting many ways, both in the rain screen shot trajectory, they can use the lake or other water puddle ripples direct manifestation of rain, or rely on from the leaves to the performance of water droplets dripping rain scene, or be shot streams and rain wetting the rocks.

The rain beat into the picture inside the track, you should choose a dark background, do not shrink the aperture in order to emerge from the background rain trajectory. In addition, the shutter speed is not too fast, the effect will be better. Then the photographer must rely on timing and luck. Until you get a beautiful rain trajectory trajectory before, you may press the shutter numerous times.

Many digital SLR cameras are not waterproof, but did not completely rainproof models. In addition, the lens and there was little rain style. Therefore, you should use a waterproof camera case, if the camera wet should immediately wipe with a dry towel. In addition, the front of the camera if there drops significantly reduce the quality, so when you press the shutter, the photographer must ensure that the lens dry. Performance of corrugated with water droplets

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The figure shows the diffusion of water ripples. When shooting photos in the rain and filmed a scene tells the story. Lotus leaf before being incorporated in the viewfinder when the photographer also noted an effective demonstration of the surface of the lotus leaf raindrops.
Flowers shot in the rain

In this close-up of the flowers, the photographer took pictures of raindrops, became a standard rain scene photos. However, in order to further strengthen the background track rainfall, photographer using a 1/90 second shutter speed for shooting good raindrop trajectory, carried out several shot attempts.

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