How to Use A Barcode Scanner With Excel

The use of barcode scanner has been universal in all walks of life. However, to the newbie or who want to use, there may be still some confusing. In fact, if you use the interface of USB, it is very easy. You just need to sync your device and start to work. It needn’t any more theory or practical knowledge.


The testing or using of the scanner is very easy:

1, Insert the scanner (until you listen to the sound of complete)

2, Open EXCEL (or any other software that allows you input texts

3, Move the cursor to the cell you want to inpu

4, Scan the barcode (Set the scanning mode with your needs, press enter or tab to continue the scanning)

5, Scanning complete, storing.


Simply learning how to use a barcode scanner is very easy. It is just a device that used to reading barcode content and the content is combined with a series of number and digitals.


If you want to print barcode, then you need to install a kind of software – barcode maker, for example, the CorelDRAW. Before you start to print, you should be clear what kind of encoding as there are varieties ways.


Why the reader is needed to set? Below is a typical example. You can also use it to check whether the machine is working normally:

Purchase a new handheld barcode scanner that can sync with your computer. After tested it on the cash register and have ensured it is no problem, connect it to the computer and use it in the Word or Excel. With the external power line, 9-pin serial port pci expansion cards, and you have installed the port driving program, you still can’t import the data? Do you use Mac? Normally desktops are 9-pin serial port. If you install another expansion card, the interface of barcode scanner needed to be resetting. The port on computer mother board is COM1 or COM2 while the new is COM3.


Wireless barcode scanner must be working under the mode of serial port. If there is setting wrong in the using process, please follow “factory reset” and “mode” in the instruction. If there is needed to set the reader to a channel, it must be registered first on the host, or the data can’t be uploaded.

wireless barcode reader

It is no doubt that the universal of barcode scanning have saved a lot of labor and the waiting time of customers.

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