Installing Car Backup Camera

Car backup camera points both wired and wireless, wired is simple and reliable, but requires wiring in the car body; wirelessly without the vehicle body wiring, installation is simple, but the need to increase the wireless receiver module. Due to the current wireless receiver module receives the results were not satisfactory, the general car backup cameras or the use of multi-wired.

One problem is the following: portable navigation systems how can we know the user is reversing and immediately switches to the rear view function?
car reverse camera

The first approach is the most simple and reliable way is to use portable navigation above button.
Keys can be defined as a rear view switch button, the user before reversing, click this button, the system immediately switches to the rear view state; reversing finished, click the button, the system then switched back to the original interface; this approach simple and reliable bracket extension without adding anything; but require manual operation, not smart enough, in terms of the owners is not particularly convenient – when reversing originally Big World flush with enough hands busy, and still have to go an extra Press a key, not trouble you?

The second approach is to use an IO port to detect the reverse signal, the user depresses the reverse gear, it gives a switching signal, use IO to detect the switching signal, you can determine the state is in reverse. Also reversing time, we will open the rear view camera power supply, use IO to detect the camera’s power is turned on, you can also determine whether the reverse. This method is smart, but not very good accuracy and stability.

A third way is to type in the preparation of internal navigation, constantly detecting CVBS signal is valid, to determine whether the reverse; when reversing, reversing camera turned on, the camera through the interface to the PND internal stent into a CVBS composite video signal. PND if it detects that the video signal is effective in reversing on the state. This method can be regarded as by far the most intelligent and most accurate method.

car eletronics

Car Electronics Backup camera installation method

the first step: first remove the car battery power supply at the connection and the connection on the removal of a place away from the electrodes to prevent unexpected power switched on.

Step Two: Determine car camera is installed. Generally divided into two types:

One kind of license plate frame license plate lamp mounted in position, this installation easier, just use the camera to provide a small screw fittings inside the camera fixed on the appropriate location on the license plate lamp by fitting inside the iron plates or gaskets class adjusted so that the reversing camera to achieve the best viewing angle. camera line through the cracks penetrate the car license plate light with reversing light power and video extension cable This type of installation reversing camera is more popular , look more subtle, more easily installed.

Another is drilling installation, embedded inside the bumper, this method has the advantage of no metal parts in the car on the drill because the bumper is plastic, and the camera is also relatively easy to trace the third step: camera’s power cord with car reversing lamp power cord. then camera video cable from a video extension cable connected to the other end of the video extension cable car DVD monitor with AV input connected to the last restore battery power supply, start the car, hung reverse gear, you can see the on-board monitor reversing the image.

car backup camera

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