Instruction and Buying Guide of DSLR Battery Grip

Many digital SLR cameras allow the owners equip with a battery grip for longer battery life and better vertical shooting experiences. Even some professional cameras are coming with it.


There are some types that can increase the continuous shooting speed with the battery grip. This kind of setting is a bit of unreasonable. Thanks that only few types have this feature. Many subjects need the shooting way of vertical. However, the original design of DSLR is strange. With the vertical shutter on the grip, the hand feeling can be the same as the normal shooting. Besides, many entry level DSLRs are related small in size and may not suitable for many men. DSLR battery grip makes the role transaction become true. Of course, there are also other reasons that many people choose this item: better appearance and seems more professional.


Do you really need a battery grip? That mostly depends on the real condition. To daily home users, the most attracting feature if the increasing of battery life. In fact, different from mirrorless and point-and-shoot camera, the optical viewfinder of DLSR is much more power saving. If you have been accustomed to the one charge one day of iPhone, the battery life of the battery would be enough. Even on the tour of traveling, a spare battery will meet your need. There are many reasons keep you from the item: high price and poor portability. If you are a photography who lives on with your camera, it may help you attract some customers for the “looking professional” appearance.


Just like many other accessories, customers have two choices: the original factory one or third party one. Original factory grip has better quality insurance and has no worry of compatibility. However, for the over expensive of price, it is not recommended to apply for the low or medium end DSLRs.

d600 battery grip

When it comes to the specified type, it is hard to decide which one is the best as every type of DSLR has a series of grips, but I can show you some details with the below example: Nikon D600 battery grip. It is a shape vertical grip with shutter-release, main dial, and exposure lock button. The battery is 1 pc EN-EL15 battery or 6pcs AA/LR 6 Alkaline Battery.


Compared with other accessories, battery grip is not a necessary but will be helpful if you really need it. Customers shoulder carefully consider the needs and make the deal.

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