Intel Corporate With Nissan To Get Into Next Generation of IVI

Intel announced recently that the luxury vehicles of Nissan will equip Intel Atom processor since 2013. This new system has the creative twin-display function. The function has been displayed in the New York international auto show – Infinity LE.


Intel architecture group vice president and intelligent systems group general manager Ton Steenman claimed: “Technology and Vehicle are the necessary components of people’s daily life. By combing them, we can realize the life way of mobile Internet. The processing ability of Intel Atom can ensure the safety of Nissan motors while provides better entertainment to the pilots and passengers, and of course, more enjoyable driving experience.”


This technology companion corporate to develop abundant vehicle experience will keep the safety of the drivers while providing convenient instant messages, enjoyments, and high efficiency work. The leading function of twin-display make the displaying of GPS info and DVD playing are available at the same time.


Infinity brand executive vice president Andy Palmer said that the Infinity LE display the concept of smart hospitality. The twin-display function that based on the Intel technology can display the driving information at the right time and position.


Let’s compare the current Nissan DVD GPS Player with this coming IVI. The main stream of the current one is the GPS, Bluetooth, A/V playback, radio, TV, PIP, Steering Wheel Control, External Microphone, and USB & Micro SD. It can be easily fund that the main difference is the PIP feature and intelligent. Twin-display provides a better displaying way compared with PIP (picture in picture). Besides, your car will more like a mobile computer as it allows you to surf on Internet, Twitter, etc. However, the coming IVI is only available in the brand of Infinity, which is really a pity for the common Nissan users.

Nissan DVD Player

The development of the companion is based on the long corporation includes the union research. It is dedicated to boost the multiple areas exploring that concludes the combination of mobile device and vehicle, cloud service for automotive, and the realization of vehicle monitor, visit and control of smartphone. For example, if the car is damaged at the garbage, by using the network and censor camera, the information can be delivered to the owner. Besides, the remote control of car with smartphone will also be available.


This corporation is the realization of Internet Vehicle plan. Though the intelligent of vehicle is the only road of development, the smart car is still up in the air to the public.


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