iPhone 5S/5C, Which One Should Be Your Choice?

Since 2006, there is a big thing in smart phone area every year – the release of new iPhone. The condition has some slight differences in 2013: Apple announced two new iPhone models. As two of the most popular devices in the world, iPhone 5S and 5C brings another choice for Apple users. However, which one is more suitable for you?

compare_iphone5c compare_iphone5s

According to the official data of Apple on the two devices, we can see the exact differences between they in details. Apple used the word Forward Thinking to describe the new iPhone 5S. Compared with the predecessor iPhone 5, 5S choose the newest 64bit A7 processor. According to the professional testing, the performance of it is 4 times than the previous A6. Another conspicuous feature is the Touch ID of Home. Touch ID is really an interesting feature. I still remember the funny tests of the customers in the earliest time. While other manufactures make great efforts in their camera, Apple also does changes to the new camera: dual LED flashes and bigger aperture. Both of them can increase the performance of the camera. Want to see what performance can it get? You can go to check the pro mobile phone photographer Austin Mann’s iPhone 5S review. You will find that, iPhone 5S has better performance than the previous model.


At the same time, iPhone 5C has great changes in appearance but less inside. The ad word For Colorful has indicated the purpose of Apple: provide more colorful choices (green, blue, yellow, pink, and white) for the youngsters. For the inner parts, there is almost no change.

iphone 5s leather case

In the aspects of operating system and network type, both of them choose the iOS 7 and support LTE. To find the best deal for you, you need to locate your position first. I will show you some certain roles. You can and should judge the deal with your decision. Most of the time, my suggestion is iPhone 5S. Do you often selfie or take videos? If your answer is YES, I’d recommend you to go for the new iPhone 5S as the great camera performance. Do you play games? If YES, go for iPhone 5S, the A7 processor won’t let you disappoint. Want to go for iPhone 5C with the colorful cover? I don’t think you really need to do so unless you never use iPhone 5S cases. What’s more, you can use you old cases if you had a iPhone 5. There is only one reason you should choose 5C: short of budget. But if the condition is so, I would recommend you to choose another mobile phone.

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