KoolerBuy 2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

2014 Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s the time of the year we show our mums how much they mean to us. To celebrating the coming of Mother’s Day, KoolerBuy prepares a special Mother’s Day Sale for you. All products there can be great gifts for Mother’s Day.


Mother's Day


Gift One – Koolertron Digital Photo Frame(Two Colors for Choosing: White and Black)

 GN-SMXK02-WH-17 gn_smxk02_wh GN-SMXK02-BK-2 GN-SMXK02-BK-12

Koolertron GN-SMXK02 8 inch Digital Photo Frame offers the ultimate way in sharing and reliving your most treasured memories.

You can slideshow your pictures and view fixed images simply by inserting your supported memory card, USB or Flash Drive into the frame. Your photos can be viewed anytime, anywhere in the home.

The 8 inch Digital Photo Frame is completely self-sufficient and mains powered needing no access to a computer or laptop. This means the frame can be placed wherever you want to view your photos. It is lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it to your friends or relatives. Just plug it into a mains socket, and you have an instant slideshow to impress your loved ones with your latest holiday snaps or family photos.


Gift Two – Koolertron Vintage Canvas Backpack(Three Colors for Choosing: Black, Brwon, Green)




It’s comfortable to bring this Koolertron BO-SHBP28 Canvas Backpack than a tote or handbag purse. And it’s secure to use for carrying DSLR camera, tripod and other photography items with you when going outdoors.

It has a nice soft and strong canvas texture. The outside of the bag is secured with genuine cow leather straps which are adjustable. When you open it, you will adjust the drawstring to open and close the inner compartment. The shoulder strap is padded so it wont hurt your shoulder when carrying heavy stuff inside.


Gift Three – Pellor Eye Massager

 CH-EXER32-8 CH-EXER32-1

Pellor CH-EXER32 Eye Massager can give your eyes SPA treatment. Fully enjoy eye massage and Templeacupoint therapy, relax muscles, boosts the blood circulation of the eyes, and easily fall into tight sleep, as comfortable as on SPA.

This digital massager will reduce your eye strain, prevent short sight, long sight or vision loss, and helps you to sleep better. Adjustable strap and compact size brings comfort and perfect fit.

It is not important how much you spend for the gift, so what’s you should care more about is to select the one your mum like. Besides those three gifts recommended to you, you can learn more at our official website: