Koolertron DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig for DV/HDV/HD Camcorder

Well, what would you like to do if you have a DSLR? Are you a football fan? Yes ? No problem, just bring your DSLR in a stadium and watch a football game, and if you are lucky enough, you may capture something unexpected(Pic 1). Oh, sorry, but I am not a big fan of football. Ok, you still have the DSLR in hand and you may like to hang out and take some wonderful pictures. The camera lens has been moving around for hours but still found nothing deserves a shot. Suddenly,this beautiful lady turns up and she’s definitely worth your shot as something horrible must have happened to her(Pic 2). Unm…are you too full after supper and may want a ramble in the park with your DSLR sometimes? Sounds a good idea, wait, it seems a squirrel and a pigeon are fighting now on the grass. Want to capture the most beautiful move ? Yup, but you have to press the shutter down on the DSLR as soon as possible, and please don’t shake your hands when you are taking the photo.

If you are a wild animal lover and want to get closer to the nature and admire it, then you’d better bring your DSLR with you, just in case you won’t miss something spectacular(check Pic 4 & Pic 5). There are always more to do with a DSLR, like taking wedding photos for the young couple(Pic 6), attending a prom,witnessing an engagement ceremony, etc.. These are all Speicial Moments, but how can you make sure you use the DSLR RIGHT without a Koolertron DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig for DV/HDV/HD Camcorder? Is a DSLR enough? Of course NOT.


The DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig we are introducing today contains Shoulder Mount+Handle Grip, Follow Focus and Digital M3 Matte Box. Here’s a picture for it, please take a look.


It enables a dslr/dv/hdv users to get diverse shots to make either commercial/uncommercial photos or professional movies at the  lowest cost.  And in order to provide a maximum flexibility for taking photos or making videos, we design the Gears Nylon and ABS Dial Index with a 360 ° adjustment.  The hander is made of aluminium, which means it’s more durable and has better capacity in bearing the weight. It’s a very portable and handy kit. You can hold it in your hands or put it on your shoulder. If you happen to have a tripod, just mount the kit to the tripod. They would just be fine.

Besides these, our DSLR shoulder mount rig can also help taking a steady, precise and smooth video or nice,high definition picture. Last but not least, our kit would make you feel better and save your energy if you are going to hold the DSRL for a long time, NOT a while .

The Follow Focus of the kit is suitable for a DSLR with a lens of from 52mm to 86 mm. Any one who has a DSLR like below can buy this device:

Canon : 550D 500D 600D 1100D 60D 50D 40D 5D 5DII 5DIII

Nikon : D300 D5100 D3100 D3000 D5000 D90 D7000 D700 J1 V1

Sony : A57 A55 A35 NEX7 NEX5N NEXC

Video Cameras, etc..

Please don’t tell me you are a fan of photography without a Koolertron DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig for DV/HDV/HD Camcorder. And you sure can get this kit FREE by commenting this article. We would send one out amongst every 20 comments, thanks !