Koolertron Newest Active 3D Glasses For 3D DLP-Link Projector

3D projection is wildly popular nowadays. Not only can the images re-create reality,or create strange, new worlds but also make learning ideas or skills easier, safer and less expensive. If you had a 3D DLP Link Projector and a pair of active 3D glasses at the same time,you would see the images become stereoscopic and vivid. Today,we are going to recommend you our “Koolertron Newest Active 3D Glasses For 3D DLP-Link Projector“,please take a look.

AK-GBSK05-DLPWith a 165 × 43(front) × 175 mm dimension,it’s very comfortable to wear and it’s quite light. The active 3D glass adopts the newest active shutter technology,making the images display with high definition and no flickering. One of the best things about our “Koolertron Newest Active 3D Glasses” is it can be recharged when the power runs out.There’s a Charging Interface on it. Once the lithium-ion battery is fully charged,the active 3D glasses can work up to 40 hours.


Thanks to DLP Link, a special synchronization system built into 3D Ready DLP projectors, the glasses link to the projector without any special emitters or 3rd party transmission devices. The built-in chip of the active 3D glasses provides a fast working,delivering you seamless,synchronous images. Below is a picture of how the DLP Link projector and the active 3D glasses work together,if you have interest,you can have a look:

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